Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The greatest comeback

The Softball playoffs.

Small Business Bashers vs The Evil Empire.

Small Business Bashers : People who thought they were good. A third of the team - one Costa rican, one Albanian and two Indians including me had never played softball before.

The Evil Empire : We had been clobbered 0 - 30 in our league game against the same team. I think it was greater than 30 but we just stopped counting.

It was a 4 inning playoff with Evil Empire going first.

In the 4 inning playoff, we were down 1 - 13 in the middle of the 2nd inning. Heading down to defeat again. In fact in the second inning, this dude from the opposite team smashed a homerun out of the park. I had never seen a home run hit before in that park coz it was a pretty big park. That dude was real good!

May I add here that we had never played and won a game. We were 2W - 3L after the regular season and both our wins were forfeits.

Our second inning was good. We scored 9 runs to bring the score to 10 - 13. That was more runs than we had scored in our previous 5 games and 20 innings combined. So I think I should say - our second inning was AWESOME!!

The third inning we managed to shut them out. We were on a roll now! In our third inning we went back to our awesome old ways. We were shut out. The score still reading 10-13.

The fourth inning, the Evil empire score 4 runs. The score now is 10-17. We need 8 to win.

So obviously we had to win, else this would not be a comeback would it? So we somehow managed to win it. 18-17. We were down to our last man and he managed to hit the ball and the dude in the opposition missed the catch and the person on 2nd base managed to run home and we scored and we won. I dont know how. The Gods decided that the underdog has to have his day. But that is now no longer the point of this post. Coz something else just grabbed my attention by the balls..

Now as I was typing this entry I saw this show on Discovery.

It is called Beyond Boundaries and about... Let me lift this from the website


Imagine the ultimate adventure: an expedition to conquer impenetrable jungles, crocodile infested rivers and a live volcano. Now, imagine doing it in a wheelchair. In a four-episode series spanning the wilds of Nicaragua, Beyond Boundaries puts viewers on the jungle floor with a diverse group of 11 physically challenged amateur adventurers attempting to cross the country on their own power.

Ade and Sophie are in wheelchairs; Daryl has spina bifida; Amar is blind; and Charlie is deaf. Toby and Warren both had their right arms removed. Karl and Glenn are below-the-knee amputees. Lorraine lost most of her right leg when she was 21. Jane's legs were amputated when she was a year old. Individually, they would never be able to traverse such unforgiving terrain; however, if they work together, they might have a chance.

Beyond Boundaries explores the depths of the human condition, revealing how far people will push their limits and work together as a team to prove that they are able to conquer the unimaginable.


Freaking CRAZY man. Ultra humbling. I saw the first episode and felt like a WHOAAAAAAA!! All my "ultra difficult hikes" were like sleeping and snoring compared to what these guys are trying to achieve. I dont know if the people will make it and how things will pan out. And since I'm talking about comebacks - this is easily the greatest comeback I've known yet!

Btw - We got totally whipped in the next softball game 2-30+ and were booted out of the playoffs :D


Blogger Golu said...

sigh! i think im going to cry :D

good show kn...abey we shud sell gonk tshirts at these softball matches :D

12:20 AM  
Blogger kate said...

Hey kn...where are you?
what plans for your birthday? Tell Tell.

12:57 AM  

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