Sunday, October 02, 2005

Relationships and the clock

Met this person today. She was whom you might call my highschool sweetheart. We had not been in touch for eons.

Talked for a bit, played catch up, she cribbed to me about the loads of work she had to do, I listened, we decided that she was an item piece, she sent pics, I saw pics, she said bye, I said bye too.

It must have been 5 minutes after our 10 minute conversation when I realized that even though we had not talked in donkey years - it felt as though we had been in touch all this while.

I've always been told that some of your close friends always stay close - no matter how far you are or how long its been since you last talked. I guess that was true with certain people in my life too.

Thought of all my friends and family who fell into that category.

What a freaking blessed life I live! :)


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