Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving and me!

So its Thanksgiving today - and I thought - what am I thankful for? I realized that there must be at least 24 things that I have made my 24 years much much much better. And so I proceeded to list them. In no particular order


1. My job - For making it so much fun to work. For not making Mondays dreary. For trying to put the human aspect ahead of the money. For showing me the money!

2. Priya Pickle - for making any city in the world taste like home

3. My car - For not killing me when I drive fast. For not bursting the wrong tyres that would send me spinning to my grave. For crashing only once and taking care of me then too. For looking as good as it is!

4. The gift of the three Ps. Patience - so that I can wait, listen, smile, help and not waste hours in anger. Perseverence - so that I never ever give up. Perspective - so that I can step into another persons shoes and understand him/her much better.

5. Fantasy sports for making my days so much more fun. Allen Iverson for carrying my NBA fantasy team on his shoulders.

6. The Gayathri Mantra - for keeping me sane in times of insanity

7. Bayern Munich - for trying to put a smile on my face. The Indian cricket team - for trying to put a smile on a billion faces. Hope they win the Champions league and the world cup respectively!

8. Shoulder slings - for taking care of my shoulder each time it dislocates!

9. My health - For all the good things. The nice non-falling hair on the head. The non cavitied teeth. The seeing eye, hearing ear, feeling touch, talking mouth, smelling nose. Also cute dental assistants and eye doctors who make potentially painful visits much more fun! A shoulder not dislocated for 10 months.

10. Norah Jones, Coldplay, RHCP, Green Day, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Vasantha Aunty, AR Rehman, RD Burman, Kala Aunty - for the Music. ( + Audioslave which I forgot. Thanks Golu for the reminder!)

11. The microwave - for helping me unfreeze frozen food and preventing me from starving to death

12. Trichur and Wadala - For Ammamma and Paati. Please put in a good word for me with Big Bro upstairs! Love you both.

13. The X Box - for Halo 2 which makes evenings at work ultra fun!

14. T-mobile, Comcast, Reliance India call - for helping me connect to India, for connecting me to my friends and for never letting me feel alone!

15. My friends. For the love. For the criticism. For the praise. For the bumps. For the support. For the life. For the Friday nights. For the tolerance. For the dinners. For the advice. For GONK. For the empathy. Special thanks to all the girlfriends and roommates: ex, current and future! Ultra thankful for the current ones

16. IIT - for giving me the best four years I could ever wish for! For giving me a name to fall back on. For reminding me that there are a gazillion people gazillion times smarter than me in a gazillion ways!

17. Bangalore, Bombay, Boston - for being the BEST cities in the world. For being the only cities I can think of settling down in! ( Maaayybee Sanfran too!)

18. Wachovia - for the rumours of a takeover and sending Capital One's stock up!

19. Kamala Athai - for being the woman she is! For always being there for me.

20. My bed - for being sooooo comfy to sleep in.

21. Guruvayoor, Kollur, Sabarimalai - for the peace and the warmth.

22. SIWS - for letting me and my sister study there when the Gulf war happened. For educating Appa, his siblings and Paati along the way.

23. My sister. For being such a pain in the butt. For loving me inspite of me being a mutual pain in the butt. For the rakhis. For the complaints. For the brutal honesty. For trying to be the mirror. For introducing me to her friends :P

24. Appa and Maa. For indirectly or directly giving me or getting me closer to each of the 23 things listed above. Nothing without you. Love you both!

this was fun :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Blogger Golu said...

KN :( u forgot

1) audioslave in the music
2) gonk t-shirts shud have been mentioned somewhere down the line

12:35 AM  
Blogger Kn said...

@ Golu

Thanks da. Have added both :D

1:17 AM  
Blogger kate said...

Such a lovely post Kn.
Now I'm all sad.

Miss ya!

5:36 AM  
Blogger Kn said...

@ Pentala

Thanks re. Why you sad? Nice thanksgiving post on your page!!

12:31 AM  
Blogger Karthik said...

This sounded like fun.

Should have done it too :P :)

4:18 AM  

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