Saturday, July 01, 2006

We won we won we won!!!

What a game!

What a game!!!

I was fortunate enough to watch it at the IIT lecture theatre here at Bombay. There is NO better place to watch a game. Perhaps being present at the stadium comes close - but sheesh - the atmosphere was phenomenal!!

Not the best German play and we admittedly were the second best team for a large part of the game.

But maaan - did we have the nerve and the grit and the tenacity and the will to win. And of course the luck!

Never felt so much blood pump into my head whilst watching a football game. Minutes 49 to 80 were arguably the worst television sporting minutes of my life. But what a game! What a game!

They joy of victory was sweetened by the fact that we were just around 20-30 odd German supporters in a sea of around 300 fans. And boy did we savour the win!

Took a picture back in the hostel room after the game. In my 2002 Bayern Munich shirt with Ballack's 13. Guess I was too dazed to hold my German sash up straight :)

Thats Rajubhai with me - the person who convinced me to go to the lecture theatre to watch the game. I was planning to watch just the finals out there and the rest at pubs - but the LT is INCOMPARABLE! This quarterfinal felt nothing less than the final. I owe you bigtime dude!

Azzurri - you guys are next!



Blogger Golu said...

Blaady KN, Argentina totally deserved to win that game. Crappy substitutions by argentina made u guys win that game. Nothing else

10:03 AM  
Blogger Kn said...

@ golu - totally agree that Argentina were way better for the first 50 minutes. But after that Germany played much better and deserved the equalizer.

About the substitutions - if I were Pekerman - I would have done the same given the situation. If Argentina had held us out for 10 more minutes - no one would be talking about the substitutions.

IMHO, the biggest problem was Argentina went defensive after their goal. Thats why we won. I still think we deserved to win it.

2:27 PM  
Blogger leens said...

I must say I definitely agree w golu..!!

10:58 PM  
Blogger Manoj Meena said...

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